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ICAF Pretest

The firearms training course is the training to practice the sport of hunting with firearms and is offered by the Quebec Hunting and Fishing Federation FEDECP.

The pretests of the ICAF course have been designed by the QSF and aim to improve your knowledge in order to prepare you for the exam.

    You will find :
  • Two exams of 50 questions with summary of your results.
  • Videos containing useful references to the exams.
  • The training manual in PDF format.

  • Note that the pretest is only accessible once. We advise you to watch all videos before completing the pretest.
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Pretests consist of 100 questions and will allow you to quickly evaluate your chances of success.
In order to obtain a reliable result, we advise you not to spend more than 60 minutes on this test.

You will also find the training manual for references to questions.
Do not forget to watch the videos, they will help you by providing visual information.