• What is the RNPA sector?

    A group of armed professionals affiliated with the QSF that aims to offer professionals the means to maintain and develop their skills. For several years, public, military and private sector personnel have been involved in high-risk situations, seriously testing their safety. The group therefore serves as a channel for exchange and expertise between services.

  • Who does this sector address?

    Target customers are individuals authorized to carry a firearm in the course of their duties. These individuals are from the municipal, provincial and federal sectors. This sector also addresses military personnel assigned to combat units in the regular Canadian forces, security guards, and retirees from all of these sectors who, thanks to their expertise, are assets for all members.

  • Admissibility

    Members must submit to an interview to ensure their admissibility to the group. They must be members in good standing of a shooting club and the QSF, and have the equipment and permits required by the Firearms Act.

What does the QSF do?

The group organizes activities that allow its members to exchange and put their knowledge into practice with the help of QSF volunteers.


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