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Claude Picard
Black Gun Director
Weapons and equipment from CRAFM

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Charles Levasseur
Director of Web Production

Black Gun sector

  • What is the Black Gun sector?

    The shortest answer is: action! You will be using military-style rifles (modular) used for precision and long-range target shooting, you will take part in competitions on courses used in PPC (Police Pistol Combat), and others used by the Canadian Forces.

  • To participate in Black Gun

    You must own a centrefire semiautomatic rifle that uses detachable magazines, 4 magazines and a magazine pouch.

  • Skills required

    You must be able to handle a rifle with both your strong side and your weak sides, and fully understand how your firearm works.

  • Competitions

    Using B-27 and B-34 targets, you will be required to shoot with or without a barricade, in a standing, kneeling, sitting, and lying position. You will have to change magazines between shots. You will shoot from distances of 10 to 50 yards depending on the stage in the competition, and you will need a minimum of 135 cartridges at your disposal. You must be a member in good standing of the QSF to participate in competitions.

What does the QSF do?

In close collaboration with PPC Québec, the QSF is the force behind Black Gun ®. Every year, we organize, sanction, finance and promote this growing sector. In addition, we have purchased modular rifles to initiate beginners and train them on safety. We pay for some club rentals for competitions and provide targets. You must be a member in good standing of the QSF to compete.


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