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Lyne Tremblay


  • What is the disabled shooting sector?

    This sport is universally recognized as an excellent vehicle for the rehabilitation and social integration of individuals with disabilities.

    Would you like to get involved in target shooting? This sport is just the thing if you are looking for an activity that will allow you to master physical and psychological elements (similar to yoga and some martial arts), without requiring the robustness associated to rougher sports, such as basketball or track.

    Shooting sports are open (thanks to simple modifications) to people with a wide range of functional disabilities. It’s a sport for men, women and children over the age of 12, which can be practiced enjoyably as a family.

  • What are the competitions?

    Paralympic shooting competitions are divided into two main disciplines: rifle and pistol. They include events over three distances: 10m, 25m and 50m, with 4.5 calibre airguns and .22 calibre firearms.

    See the rifle, ISSF rifle and ISSF pistol sectors.

  • Special equipment

    The discipline has a number of regulations to accommodate the functional limitations of the athlete. These address the backrest height, sitting angle, backrest cover, and armrests.

What does the QSF do?

In 2015, we adapted the Montreal air shooting range and we provided the training equipment for participants. Since then, we have contributed financially to the development of this sector. As a result, several people have had the opportunity to learn target shooting, and we are now proud to count five national athletes among us.


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