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Frederique Blaive
Quebec Shooting Team


  • What is the ISSF rifle sector?

    ISSF shooting is first and foremost a competitive and precision sport, but it is also an opportunity to be part of a team that shares a great passion under the supervision of high-level trainers.

    You must therefore be ready to train diligently, be disciplined and develop your precision skills. This sector will also provide a chance to travel, and who knows, maybe be part of the Québec team!


  • Learn more about the calibres used

    This sector extends to many disciplines using .177 compressed air rifles and .22 calibre LR. The .22 calibre events are the 50m rifle prone and the 50m rifle 3 positions for men or women.


  • Competitions

    The 10m .177 calibre events are the standing compressed air rifle, men and women, and the running target. These five events are Olympic game events. This sector also consists of the .22 calibre domestic disciplines: the prone all sights match, rifle prone, rifle 3 positions, and sport air rifle for younger participants.


  • Who is part of the Québec team?

    Ranking 2018

  • What is an ISSF shooting range?

    An ISSF shooting range is equipped with electronic targets, which facilitate training and competitions.

    Web Site : Salle de tir Gérald Tousignant

    Salle de tir

What does the QSF do?

In order to promote the development of competitive shooting, we have purchased electronic targets, which have been installed in three shooting clubs, and we have acquired pistols, which will be available for training new shooters under the supervision of qualified trainers.

We train shooters and fund part of the Québec team’s activities, some of who have had the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions.

The rifle sector participates in many training workshops with instructors from the Cadet Marksmanship Program for the province of Québec. More than 160 trainers have already taken part.

You must be a member in good standing of the QSF to take part in competitions.


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