The proper functioning and success of the QSF rests upon devoted and committed volunteers, who provide young people with the opportunity to discover a precision sport. They contribute mainly to the training, organization and functioning of special events. The collaboration of the Cadet Movement is also very important. In fact, more than 250 Cadet Corps participate in trainings with nearly 160 shooting instructors, trained in collaboration with the Quebec Shooting Federation.

We must also acknowledge the remarkable commitment of shooting club managers, who ensure the proper functioning of their club by guaranteeing the safe practice of our sport.

As well, we need to mention the collaboration of the range officers, without who we could not boast about the safety of our sporting activities. Finally, we cannot ignore our 103 CCSMFAR instructors and 213 Bill 9 instructors: without all of these qualified individuals, our passion for the sport could not be passed on with such enthusiasm.

Thank you to all of these exceptional individuals !