• What is action shooting ?

It is a cross between PPC and IPSC. Many shooters now practice this sport, which requires agility, speed and precision, in shorter periods of time, and with more cartridges shot.

  • Who does this sector address ?

This sport is for both beginner and expert shooters. You can enter competitions with a minimum of equipment: pistol, gunbelt, 4 magazine pouches and a holster.

  • How do you become an action shooter ?

You must be a member of the QSF and have completed a few sessions of target practice. You must take the training to learn the safety rules for drawing your firearm during the fast draw event.

  • How do the competitions work ?

Depending on the course, shooters must shoot with or without a barricade, from various static positions. They can move laterally and shoot at metal or paper targets. You must be a member in good standing of the QSF to take part in the competitions.

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