The competency test is mandatory for shooters who use restricted firearms and who want to join a shooting club. [Section 46.42]

The same applies for owners of a restricted firearm who want to renew their membership to a shooting club and who have not practiced the sport of target shooting for at least one year. [Section 46.29]

To know

  • Prerequisite :

You must have attended the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course to register.

  • Cost :

$ 66,84

The cost of the practical exam with the rental of a 9mm weapon (mandatory) is $ 20. The cost for ammunition is $ 20 for 20 9mm cartridges. This is the maximum cost that a club or instructor may charge for the rental of a weapon and its ammunition for the practical exam.

You must provide the cash amount on the day of the training to give to your instructor.

  • Duration

Approximately 3 hours (training and competency test).

  • Mandatory for a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)? Or for work?

No. However, it is mandatory if you want to join a shooting club or acquire a restricted firearm.

  • Can I use my own restricted firearm for the practical portion of the test?

No. Without a valid membership to a shooting club and without an authorization to transport, you cannot transport your restricted firearm to the shooting range. If you have these two valid documents, you do not need to take the Bill 9 competency test.

  • To maintain a valid membership to a shooting club, you must :

Practice target shooting (a minimum of one time) during the year. Renew your membership card before the expiration date.

  • Under what circumstances do you need to complete the Bill 9 competency test?

You must pass the test if you want to join a shooting club and you are not yet an active member of a shooting club.

You have not renewed your shooting club membership before the expiration date.

You have not practiced target shooting at least once during the year.

The results of your training will be sent to you by the email related to your registration. No paper will be sent to you by mail.

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