• What is IPSC shooting?

IPSC is an acronym for the International Practical Shooting Confederation. IPSC is a dynamic shooting sport where principles of accuracy, speed and strength are balanced in a unique scoring system, and where safety is paramount.

This discipline requires safety, speed and precision skills. You will be shooting on the move while developing techniques to cut fractions of seconds between shots.

  • Prerequisites

You must have a minimum of experience with firearms. You must be able to group on a target at a distance of 15 metres with a powerful firearm (minimum 9mm for IPSC). You must take the 2-day black badge training, and pass the theory and practical exams, before taking part in the competitions.

  • Equipment

It is important that you own your own equipment. You must have a holster-covering trigger for your firearm, magazine pouches, and 4 magazines.

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