• What is the trap shooting sector?

This discipline is practiced by European royalty and nobility, but remains accessible to all. It is another sector of the ISSF, grouping together disciplines such as trap, skeet, double trap, FITSASC, and Olympic skeet shooting. This sport, which requires breaking a clay disk flung away from the shooter at high speed, requires your full concentration.

  • To participate

Several outdoor shooting clubs have installations to safely practice this discipline. The sport is for precision enthusiasts and constitutes excellent training for small game or migratory bird hunting.

  • What types of firearms are used?

This sector is practiced with 12-gauge shotguns. In ISSF Olympic competition, only 12-gauge over/under and juxtaposed shotguns are accepted. However, in non-competition, the sport can be practiced with hinge-action, pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns.

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