Since the adoption of the first safety regulation by the Ministry of Public Security in November 1985, one of the requirements for shooting clubs is to have a range officer on the firing line during all activities that use restricted or prohibited firearms.

The role of the range officer is essential. Insurance coverage for shooters and shooting clubs requires that range officers enforce the rules of the club and the requirements of the different governments.

The range officer is responsible for the safety of shooters and spectators at the shooting range.

The aim of the course is to provide adequate training to individuals who wish to be involved and act with regards to safety on sites where non-restricted and restricted firearms are used.

  • Prerequisites
    • Be at least 21 years old
    • Be a member of a shooting club recognized by the FQT for over a year
    • Having practiced shooting with restricted firearms regularly in the year preceding the application
    • Is for restricted and prohibited firearms range officer
    • To perfect your skills
  • Cost

The cost of training is $50, including a free 1-year membership to the Quebec Shooting Federation, as well as a digital card.

For insurance purposes, it is necessary for a shooting official to be a member of the Fédération québécoise de tir.

  • Process

People who want to become Range Officer, must make a request to the FQT by completing the “Range Officer Candidacy” form and send it to the FQT to the attention of senior management in electronic format or by mail.

  • Training and Certification

The request is recorded and analyzed by the FQT. When the application is required, applicants will be invited to their training and certification.

Being qualified as range officer does not allow a person to act in this capacity without the approval of the Gun Club.

The FQT reserves the right to withdraw the qualification to anyone who does not respect the code of conduct which it joined in its certification, or who does not meet the standards of quality established by the FQT.

The results of your training will be sent to you by the email related to your registration. No paper will be sent to you by mail.

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