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Thanks to the QSF’s hard work, and human and financial investments, shooting has become more accessible to thousands of enthusiasts.

To obtain quality services in any sport, there must be sufficient demand for organizations to invest in the infrastructures necessary to practice the sport. The QSF trains more than 12,000 new shooters every year and encourages them to join shooting clubs, which also promotes safe shooting. Together, the QSF, its members, volunteers and ambassador clubs enable the development and maintenance of a superior level of quality for target shooting. The QSF is active in all aspects of the development of the sport: training, competitions, safety, representation, supplying equipment for training, and more.

  • I participate in…
    • training the next generation, with more than 12,000 new shooters every year;
    • encouraging and teaching safety in our sport;
    • the organization of ISSF and civilian competitions at the best shooting clubs;
    • the development of training in ambassador clubs to promote membership;
    • providing equipment for training;
    • providing technical and administrative support to shooting clubs;
    • having the opportunity to prove my target shooting skills to the SQ, RCMP, and MSP;
    • the financial and human investment in national and international competitions;
    • communicating with, and informing, more than 50,000 shooters;
    • obtaining liability and personal injury insurance.


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Here are the advantages and important points of our QSF liability insurance policy :

The new QSF insurance policy includes training and instruction for competition, Olympic shooting, recreational and educational shooting, and restricted and unrestricted weapons around the world for 5,000,000. Personal accident insurance coverage for QSF members (if you are injured during a shooting activity in a shooting club).

  • Inclusion of hunting and fishing activities;
    • Insured FQT members are also covered for hunting and fishing without sanction or activity organized by the FQT.
  • Confirmation that this policy acts as primary coverage;
    • Members may sometimes have concerns about whether their personal home protection could be called into question in the event of an incident to a third party.Our police therefore confirm and rule that the guarantee acts as a primary coverage in the event that several policies are required to respond.This policy acts as the primary liability policy in the event that several policies are available.
  • Reciprocal Liability clause included;
    • Just specify that each member is covered individually, in the event that several involved, as if a policy had been issued for each insured members.
  • Limit of liability of $ 5,000,000 per accident, no annual overall limit;
    • The QSF, QSF members, their registered guest, and the Insured’s employees and volunteers.
  • Insurance also includes coverage for recourse between co-insured persons.
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