• What is the PPC sector?

You will have the opportunity to take part in trainings and competitions partially derived from the trainings given to police forces for their profession.

  • Firearms, equipment

Three mag holsters are required for a competition with a revolver, and 4 magazines for a pistol. Calibres used are 38, 40, 45, 9mm and .357.

A left or right-handed conventional double retention holster can be used.

For safety reasons, cross-draw shoulder holsters and holsters requiring the insertion of fingers inside the trigger guard to remove the firearm are forbidden. Leg holsters are also forbidden.

B-27 and B-34 targets are used in this discipline.

  • How do the competitions work?

Competitors remain static. They must adopt different positions: standing, kneeling, sitting, and lying down. Depending on the stages of the match, shooters will be required to draw their firearm from the holster or start the match with their firearm in hand. They will be required to use a barricade (a board that simulates taking cover) to increase reality. You must be a member of the QSF to participate in competitions.

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